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Dear treasured Rosenblum Cellars Wine Club members,


It is with heavy hearts we announce the unexpected passing of our original founder, winemaker, inspiration, mentor, and friend Kent Rosenblum, DVM.


We are devastated by the loss of “The King of Zin,” one of California’s most innovative and iconic winemakers. In the early 1970’s while most winemakers were attracted to locations in Napa or Sonoma, Rosenblum Cellars settled into an old warehouse in Alameda and it was among the first urban wineries in California to become a popular tourist destination.


Most you of probably met Kent once or twice, or perhaps you had the luxury of calling Kent a friend. Even if you never met Kent, you’ve tasted his incredible talent – in bottled form. Kent’s winemaking style was like Zinfandel itself: big, bold and spicy – with just the right amount of fruit and elegance. Kent’s winemaking separated him from others in the field. His signature style, vintage after vintage, was his inherent ability to craft beautiful, premium quality, single-vineyard wines. Kent was not only a gifted winemaker, he was an authentic soul, a gentle man without a trace of guile. He was a remarkable teacher and advocate of California wines. Most importantly for us, Kent was a constant source of joy and interest every time he graced us with his presence at the Tasting Room or a wine club event. We have so much to be grateful for and we’re especially grateful for the values we knew Kent lived and demonstrated. Values like consistency, compassion, dependability, generosity, humor, and humility.


A testament to his commitment, Kent forged relationships with grape growers over 30 years ago that Rosenblum Cellars maintains still today. As most of our long-term wine club members know, Rosenblum Cellars’ wines have the family’s vineyard names on the label. Whether it is a Maggie’s Sonoma County Zinfandel, a Fran’s Reserve Syrah from the Rockpile AVA or a Carla’s Contra Costa Petite Sirah; each bottle has more meaning to us now. Kent cultivated and personally maintained these relationships built on mutual admiration and trust. Rosenblum Cellars will honor Kent’s memory by continuing the quest to source and produce world-class wines.


We are saddened by his passing and extend our most sincere condolences to Kent's wife, Kathy, daughters Shauna and Kristen, his brother Roger, sister Pamela and his granddaughter, Skylar. He was a beloved and devoted friend and he will be missed dearly.


In the next few months, we will be announcing an event at the Tasting Room that will honor Kent and his life. Stayed tuned…


May his memory be eternal,


Your friends at Rosenblum Cellars

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